Tony Romo’s Wife Candice Crawford Is Pregnant! [NFL Sperminators]


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and beauty queen wife Candice Crawford are expecting.

The quarterback announced the news today while making an appearance at a local high school. One of the students asked if he had any kids and… paydirt!

“I actually have one on the way,” Romo said. “My wife is pregnant.”

Romo married the former Miss Missouri in May and they’ve been together around a year. Obviously he works fast.

If only he could read a defense that well.

Really though, is there a more wholesome, All-American couple anywhere? He’s the handsome quarterback of America’s Team. She’s a blond former beauty pageant winner turned television news reporter. Fairy tale wedding. Five months later, there’s a bun in the oven.

It kind of makes us what to vomit.

[Lil’ Cowboy: Romo says he and newlywed wife are expecting child]

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