Is Peyton Hillis Getting Married To ‘Amanda’ Today In Arkansas? [BC i-Team]


2011 has been a very strange season for Browns RB Peyton Hillis. In one of the most shocking moments in video game history, he’s named cover boy for Madden ’12. Of course that means that he’s instantly cursed. But is something even bigger than a curse going on behind closed doors? Bigger than that contract situation? Bigger than the strep throat issue that mysteriously sent him home during Week 3? Could Hillis actually be getting married today in Arkansas?

You might remember a few weeks back when a weird announcement was made via a Browns beat writer that, out-of-the-blue,  Peyton Hillis was suddenly engaged. Scott Petrak added this line to just another weekly Browns tidbit piece.

** Running back Peyton Hillis (strep throat) returned to practice and was feeling better. He missed the game vs. the Dolphins.

Hillis was unavailable to the media after practice, but a team source said he’s engaged to be married.

That’s it. Nothing more. Just a nugget like that mysteriously thrown into Petrak’s piece. BOOM. Engaged.

That brings us to yesterday when, on the Jersey Chaser gossip site, an anonymous poster claimed that Hillis would be marrying a woman named ‘Amanda’ in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the Pratt Place Barn (which is a popular wedding choice). When is that wedding supposed to take place? TODAY! On Peyton’s day off!

This was posted Saturday on

Talk about self-imploding!  This summer he finds some big boobed bar hoe and knocks her up/she traps him (2nd time impregnating one out of wedlock) Now being “a man of God” this time around he’s gonna make it all good by the Lord Jesus Christ and his oh so important image. Off to get married in Fayetteville Tuesday….wow!!

Of course there are plenty of conspiracy theories to this one.

• Weird reasons to be away from the Browns

• Misses game for strep

• Hamstring issues

• Weird (legit) announcement that he’s engaged

• Chatter about a pregnant bar fly

• Chatter about that wedding taking place TODAY

Could getting a pregnant chick onto an insurance plan be the reasoning for a shotgun wedding during the season?

While a jersey chaser might just be trying to cause in-season issues for Hillis, the talk-sports crowd has been right before. Remember the Roethlisberger wedding announcement? It came on talk-sports. It’s our expert opinion that if you have Hillis on your fantasy team, send out trades before the wedding & possibly pregnant girlfriend news hits the AP wires.

Are you the Peyton Hillis wedding photographer? Are you in the Peyton Hillis wedding? Do you have insider intel on the Peyton Hillis wedding? We’re looking for answers.

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