Dig In! Buffalo Bills Tickets At Bottom Of That Crap! [VIDEO]

The Buffalo Bills are a hot ticket these days, but we didn’t know they were this hot.

Kingston’s KRock gathered a bunch of people who were apparently desperate for Bills tickets. So desperate they agreed to dig through a pile of buffalo crap in order to get them.

The great part of the video isn’t people digging in shit, though. It’s the announcer gagging from the smell. Oh, and there’s the contestant who keeps digging after someone else already found the tickets.

Posted: Oct. 21, 2011

Premise of Video: Bills fans compete to win tickets to a game by digging through a pile of buffalo crap. There are multiple canisters buried in the shit pile, but only one contains tickets.

Climax of Video: Sure, someone finds the tickets, but the funniest moments are when the announcer starts gagging from the smell and, after a winner is declared, one guy keeps digging through the shit. When they ask him why, he just shrugs.

Conclusion: Some of the funniest shit we’ve seen in a long time. Pun intended.