Bia & Branca Feres Get Implants & Quit Synchronized Swimming [PHOTOS]

Somewhere along the way in 2011 the infamous Brazilian Feres Twins of synchronized swimming fame decided to hang up their one-piece uniform & go under the knife. That’s right, the Feres sisters recognized that synchronized swimming and small breasts wouldn’t make for a successful career as age started to catch up to them. Today they’re making the Feres Twins Implants are making their U.S. debut. These two used to be a household name amongst U.S. sports bloggers. Welcome back, ladies. You were missed.

Now and then, our Brazilian research team will send dispatches from Rio where the Feres Twins do most of their commercial damage as the face of the Brazilian MTV generation. But there is bad news to report. The implants haven’t saved the Feres Twins from sagging interest.

Via our trusty Google translator:

According to Zapping column, the newspaper now São Paulo,the twins Bia and Branca Feres, synchronized swimming athletes, still do not function on MTV, where it has a contract until the end of this year.

The column says that they recorded three episodes of MTV backpack, but by problems with attracting sponsors can not be displayed. They also have lost a program dating to Ellen Jabour and the station does not know what to do with the sisters.

Things have gotten so bad for the Feres Twins that they’ve now decided to go topless in a Trident gorilla marketing bit where three lucky fans will get to see the silicone.

Of course our researchers have been gathering images to show this amazing transition for Bia & Branca. We’re still researching Olympic Google caches, but on paper this looks to be the very first set of synchronized swimming twins to ever get implants at the same time.

But don’t plan on these two at the 2012 Olympic Games. They’ve retired. We’re just hoping NBC is smart enough to hire them for work on the Today Show while in London.

Can’t wait.

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