Tony LaRussa’s Wife: World Series Is RedBirds Vs. Rednecks [Facebook]

Much is being made this afternoon of Tony La Russa’s daughter dropping a Twitter bomb last night by referencing a crackhead and Ron Washington. Devon La Russa is backtracking from this: “I saw a crack head doing “The Wash” today. Coincidence? I think not…” That tweet was deleted & followed by: I really truly did not mean to be offensive! It’s a phrase I use, meant as a joke. Please don’t be offended! Go Cards!!!

Now comes mom, Elaine, & this from Facebook where Tony’s other daughter Bianca (perhaps you’ve seen her Raiders cheerleading galleries on BC):

Granted, this isn’t as harsh as referencing Ron Washington’s crack addiction, but it’s an indication of how one family rolls. Might be time for Rangers fan to wear a Tony La Russa Shingles mask to Game 5.

You know, the more and more we see out of the La Russa camp, the more we KNOW these people are assholes. But fun assholes. You want baseball to be exciting at this time of year and nothing gets a boring World Series amped up like the daughters and wife of one manager attacking the other team. That’s genius marketing.

[Bianca La Russa – Facebook]

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