Shirtless Streaker Trades High-Fives At Bucs-Bears In London [VIDEO]

As we’ve mentioned over the last 10 months, 2011 will go down as one of the weirdest years in sports for fans. Baseball fans were balls to the walls weird in ’11, highlighted by the Astros streaker who escaped Enron Field. Friday night we had Arizona Ed Hochuli streaking the Arizona-UCLA game. Then yesterday it was drunken, shirtless Londoner doing 60-yard sprints at Wembley for high-fives with the Buccaneers and Bears. So much friggin’ fun, we tell you. 

“Bucs safety, Sean Jones, up high!”

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Drunken guy shows up to Wembley thinking Man U. and Liverpool were playing. Sadly, he was left with Jay Cutler and Josh Freeman. Figuring the game needed the proper English spice, Londoner Lad decides to show off his 40-time.

Climax of Video: High-fives or the juke moves? It’s a tossup.

Conclusion: Major points deducted for not advertising some gambling site on his naked bum. Such a waste of a streak.

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