Braves Cap Bank Robber Just Chillaxin With Gun In Pocket? [Cuff ‘Em]

Again, these baseball cap bank robbers keep killing us with their creativity. Normally, a bank robber comes in, makes his demand or passes a note, money is handed over and the transaction process is complete. But then we get Braves Hat Bank Robber and his buddy, Shorty. They have a weird plan that means, when caught, both will be doing hard time on felony robbery convictions. Nice to see Adidas get repped during one of these heists, though. has the robbery news:

Slidell police received a 911 call from a teller who said the bank had just been held up, according to a news release from Detective Daniel M. Seuzeneau.

One of the suspects approached a teller with a black and white Nike gym bag and immediately demanded cash. He told the worker not to include dye packs or marked bills, Seuzeneau said.

Seconds later, his accomplice entered the bank with his right hand in the front pocket of his Adidas hoodie, presumably to imply that he had a weapon, he said.

What a pussy. Going for the fake, hand-in-the-pocket, method to imply he had a piece ready to go has to be the biggest pussy move in bank robbery history. You’re going to jail on a felony anyway. Might as well gain some street cred by presenting the 9 like in the rap videos.

Time to nut up, Wohlers.

Anyway, we’re still 0-for-2011 in turning in a bank robbery criminal. But we will not be deterred. One criminal caught via BC and our blogger cred will explode. Are you afraid to turn in Braves Cap Bank Robber or Shorty? We will – and then split the award money two ways.

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