Troy Polamalu Sideline Phone Call To Wife Costs $10,000!


Of course the NFL has plenty of stupid rules that are said to maintain the league’s high standing in society. Then there is this cellphone rule that we never knew about. It seems that Troy Polamalu was on the sidelines last week – post concussion – and got a phone from doctors to call his wife. How he remembered her number is perplexing, but he called. The NFL finds out and BOOM, $10,000 fine. Not joking. Highest phone bill ever. 

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review broke the news this afternoon:

Polamalu borrowed the phone from a Steelers doctors last Sunday to call his wife after he left the Steelers’ 17-13 win against Jacksonville with concussion-like symptoms.

Polamalu has a history of concussions, and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said earlier this week that the perennial Pro Bowler wanted to let his wife, Theodora, know that he was OK.

Tomlin said earlier this week he hoped common sense “would prevail” when the league decided whether or not to fine Polamalu.

The NFL prohibits the possession of cell phones in teams’ bench areas 90 minutes before kickoff until the end of the game.

Polamalu, who passed a concussion test at the beginning of the week and is expected to play Sunday at Arizona, had no comment about a possible fine following the Steelers’ practice today. He was fined $15,000 earlier this season for making a horse-collar tackle.

No comment from Polamalu today. His Twitter account also has no comment. In fact, it’s pretty much useless for anything football related besides ticket giveaways.

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