Arizona-UCLA Referee Streaker Is Amazing! [VIDEO]


Arizona streaker referee was all the rage last night during the UCLA-Arizona game and it shouldn’t go without saying that this just took streaking to a whole new level. All of you idiots with a bright idea of getting naked and rushing a field need to raise your game. Of course all the sports blogger dorks out there are fixated on the ‘brawl’ that took place post-streaking. Big deal. A bunch of goons ‘fighting’ with helmets on is garbage.

We want raw video of ‘Ed Hochuli.’ Please send your links to us. Preferably with cops blasting Ed with a Taser, dropping him like an illegal alien at the border.

Posted: Last night by all sorts of blogger/vid capper dorks

Premise of Video: This one kinda explains itself. Watch the sideline where Hochuli blows the play dead, does a great job of waving his arms and comes in for the ball. Brilliant work, bro.

Climax of Video: Oh, ok, we’ll give in to the blogger dorks. Oh, look, black guys fighting each other because one guy called the other guy a pussy. BLAH.

Conclusion: Send us the streaker’s name, Facebook, Twitter, police report, mugshot, etc.


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