Looks Like Redskins Fan Had Chicken Wings, Whiskey For Eagles Game [VIDEO]



Sorry for a vomit video before lunch, but we had to get to this before the bros from Crossing Broad, Barstool Philly, Guyism, etc. beat us to Redskins Puker. It’s hard to pinpoint the perfect timing for a chucker so sorry if you just puked on your work computer. Our bad. Anyway, it’s that time of year when the NFL gets into the meat of its schedule – the division part. That brings us to Sean Taylor Puker.

Dude isn’t feeling good during Sunday’s Eagles’ game. BLAAAHH!

Posted: Oct. 17, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “This pathetic redskin fan pukes after the loss to Philly.” 

Climax of Video: This is double-barrel puke action. You know the type of puke where the first batch just blasts, you start to feel decent, but there is a second wave of ground chicken and whiskey ready for kickoff.

Conclusion: Pathetic Redskins fan is right. Kinda reminds us of Pathetic Cowboys fan eating nachos off a trash can at Jerry’s Palace. You know, the more we think about it, more puke and pathetic drinker videos come out of the NFC East than any other division in the NFL. We actually think the AFC Central are the best drinkers. Just think of those losers in Cincy, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Can’t say we remember a puker video coming out of those cities. Veterans.

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