Bet Will Pay $375,000 If Cardinals Win World Series


Everyone loves a long shot and if the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series, one man is going to collect on what Vegas considered one of the longest.

The tickets above picked the Cardinals to make the World Series at 500/1 and the Cardinals to win the World Series at 999/1. They were bought for $250 each. The first has already paid $125,000 and if the Cards win, the second will pay $250,000 for a nice, tidy sum of $375,000.

Why did the MGM Grand make the Cardinals such long shots?

The tickets were purchased on September 12. At the time, St. Louis was five games behind the Atlanta Braves in the Wild Card race with 15 to play. It was a foregone conclusion the Braves would lock up the Wild Card. St. Louis would also have to go through some combination of Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Arizona if they somehow made the playoffs.

Should have been easy money for the house.

And then the Braves collapsed, the Cardinals got in, won two road series and here we are.

[The Man Who Bet The Cardinals At 999/1 When They Were Out Of The Race Is Looking Smart And Rich Right Now]

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