UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Not Done With Ring Duties [PHOTOS]

Big news this week from the world of UFC and MMA and it actually has to do with legendary card carrier Brittney Palmer. You might have freaked when Palmer missed a summer of UFC Ring Girl duties, but fear not. She was, as we noted a month ago, working on her art and going to school. In an interview with Fitness Gurls magazine, Palmer says under no circumstance is she finished with her UFC gig. Oh, and did we mention there are new pics? 

Palmer reports:

I never left the UFC. Haha. UFC and I… I’ve been with the company for a really long time and we have a great relationship. I moved here and wanted to focus on art and they wanted to go in another direction for ring girls so it kinda happened at a good time.

There you have it. More art, less card carrying. It’s good to see a hot chick with priorities in a specific field other than being hot. Can’t carry that Round 3 for the rest of your life, ladies. Got to have something to fall back on.

Taking underboob shots will eventually come to an end. Until then, enjoy.

[Read Brittney Palmer Interview In Fitness Gurls]

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