Roy Hibbert’s 4-Foot Box Jump Is Intimidating To White Guys [VIDEO]

You play some rec basketball. Used to wear those Strength Shoes (remember the Seinfeld episode?). But the vertical has always been an issue. Driving to the rack and dropping buckets for the college intramural team has been a nightmare. Well, whiteboy, we’re about to make you even more miserable courtesy of 7-2 Roy Hibbert and his standing 48-inch box jump today at Georgetown where he’s working out.

Roy dropped this video on Twitter about 10 minutes ago.

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: Roy Hibbert (property of the Pacers and David Stern) wants his fans to know that it hasn’t been all Cristal and blondes from Russia during this lockout. Our hero has been busting his ass at gyms around the country staying in shape.

Climax of Video: Roy just hops up on that box. Nothing to it.

Conclusion: Christ! You realize how many steps that is for a white guy. Seriously, most of us are taking an elevator. Quick math: Roy is 7-2 and has a standing 48-inch (at least) vertical. In other words, he’s probably stuffing 9 out of 10 jumpers from BC in a pickup game. Of course we’d get one by him. AND THE FOUL, ROY. BRING IT!

(Yes, we’re very white and have trouble scaling two stairs at one time.)


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