Notre Dame Bullies Kansas School Destroyed By Tornado [LOGOS]

The small town of Chapman, Kansas was hit by a tornado that destroyed their school in June, 2008. They got hit by the University of Notre Dame over the summer.

Notre Dame is forcing Chapman’s high school to change their logo, apparently because it looks too much like the university’s Fighting Irish logo. Chapman High’s sports teams also use the Fighting Irish moniker and the school’s website, which formerly used the Notre Dame logo, now only has a four-leaf clover because the university decided to threaten them.

The school’s superintendent received a letter from the university before the school year began, telling them as much.

Superintendent Lacee Sell adds it was clear Notre Dame was serious about getting Chapman to drop the fighting leprechaun mascot. School district officials say they can keep their “Fighting Irish” nickname, however, and the community is holding a contest to pick a new logo.

Chapman’s high school reopened in January. They’ll have a new logo by the start of basketball season.

Classy move, Notre Dame. We expect them to send us a cease and desist letter for using their logo in this post in about five days. On a side note, the Notre Dame football team is 4-2 and probably not getting anywhere near a BCS bowl this season.

[Notre Dame asks school destroyed by tornado to change logo]

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