Mississippi State Playboy Girls Of SEC Goldy Cass: An Investigation [PHOTOS]

The Busted Coverage research staff has been busy since Friday’s release of Playboy’s Girls of the SEC issue. We’ve tried to get away from publishing anything even remotely related to Playboy promo photos for these shoots because after being drilled by the Playboy law team (based in Chicago, by the way), we’ve decided to just become social butterflies with the ladies who make up the 2011 Girls of the SEC. Today we meet Goldy Cass and her greatest work on Facebook. 

Of course Goldy’s real name isn’t Goldy Cass. We know Goldy’s real name but won’t be giving it to you morons unless she tweets at us and approves the release. It’s totally her call. If she wants to be hounded by date requests and morons asking for some naked DMing on Twitter, you’ll be the first to know.

The Goldy File:

• 100% a Mississppi State student studying Animal Dairy Science.

• Bartender

• Senior

• Originally from California (yeah, haven’t been able to pinpoint why she’d end up in cow poke region)

• Likes her a solid dayglow party

• Has been known to slam a few drinks

We’ll release her Twitter account upon receiving approval. You idiots aren’t very trustworthy and would just cause issues for Goldy. But, again, her call. Stay tuned.

Do you know one of the Playboy Girls of the SEC and want to share some stories, pics, sex with the QB gossip?

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