Derek Jeter Allegedly Drinking With These Ladies At NYC Bar [PHOTO]


Let us start this post by saying that this isn’t the first ‘report’ sent to our inbox about Derek Jeter over the past three weeks. It seems the floodgates are opening up since the split with Minka Kelly. Tonight’s report is that Jeter was having drinks with these ladies at some NYC bar. (Far right, you look very familiar. Robbie Cano parties back in the day?) For some reason the ladies are avoiding Jeter, but claim there was plenty of fun that night at the bar.

Via, which says they compile sports/celebrity encounters with normal citizenry:

My friends and I are the sexy girls posing to the right and Derek Jeter on the left, we were just waiting for our second round of Patron shots to kick off the night.

My girls and I were partying at a club in New York City, one of my girlfriends knew one of Derek Jeter‘s friends. Later that night we ended up meeting them for drinks, let me tell you Derek is one of the sexiest athletes I have ever seen.

We were kicking back Coronas getting loose having a good time. I had a few drunken dances with the baseball stud and I was flirting with him the entire night.

Have a drunken encounter to report? Been partying with Jeter lately and want to fill in the blanks? Are you one of these ladies and need to clarify this report? We’re all ears.

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