Bama Fan MegaSkeet420 Sets YouTube F-Bomb World Record! [VIDEO]


There is an annual tradition in the SEC where an Alabama fan comes out of nowhere to become the YouTube mouthpiece for Roll Tide Nation. ‘Cowboy’ was the original, f-bombing redneck that drove bloggers nuts a couple years ago. But he has slowed down with age & kids. But have no fear, Bama Fan, you now have MegaSkeet420 to keep you entertained between Nick Saban press conferences. Skeet actually lives in a trailer & only wears Crimson Tide clothing. 

To say we were smitten the first time BC heard Skeet drop a ‘m^&*(f*cker’ is an understatement. Folks, this is passion, a bad vocabulary and a slice of Americana wrapped up into a hooded sweatshirt wearing Bama fan. WOOOOO!

Posted: Oct. 13, 2011

Premise of Video: Skeets is doing some sort of ‘College Experiment’ thing with Fuel TV. At first we thought this was some sort of Jon Stewart skit, but a little research told us that 420 has other TV deals. Anyway, he lets you into his world and his passion for Natty and Tuscaloosa.

Climax of Video: Well, again, we’re smitten by every dirty word that comes out of his redneck mouth. There’s something about that Southern drawl, smoker speak that drives us nuts about Bama fans.

Conclusion: We dare you to watch Skeets videos and resist the urge to pound 24 Nattys. The power of our hero is too much. You’ll throw on Skynard’s ‘Simple Man’ and start drinking. Guaranteed.

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