90-Year-Old Texas Tech Cheerleader Destroying Splits On TV! [VIDEO]


Busted Coverage Afternoon Dump Editor Kevin The Intern sent this one over and said, “Isn’t this on your bucket list?” A 90-year-old former Texas Tech cheerleader? You pig! Damn near just pulled the trigger and fired his ass on the spot. No reasoning, just a simple ‘Your WordPress account has been deleted’ email.

But cooler heads prevailed and the thought crossed our mind that this must be what Poon of the Big 12 will one day look like one of these days. We can dig it.

Posted: Oct. 17, 2011

Premise of Video: Via the Texas Tech athletics department – Jane Kuykendall is a 90-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader alumni from the class of 1939 who shows off her Texas Tech pride and spirit.

Climax of Video: BOOM! Jane stops and pops that split on a dime. No need to limber up. Just drills it right there on Fox Sports Dallas.

Conclusion: Think Jane can bong a beer in under :05? We’re taking the UNDER +350. Seems like she’s pounded a few in her days. Good for her.

If you have a link to Jane’s Model Mayhem or Facebook, do share.


[HT: Barstool]

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