6 Legit Reasons Blackhawks Fan Daniel Rago Slapped Devin Hester

Chicago Bears receiver Devin Hester was assaulted… no, wait… slapped like a bitch Friday at Rivers Casino in suburban Des Plaines by Dan Rago.

We don’t know Rago, but we do know this — he walked up to Hester while he was in a transaction line, slapped him in the back of the head and walked away. Hester told the authorities, who arrested Rago.

After Hester notified the casino’s security team, Rago was escorted to a holding area and later arrested by Des Plaines police.

“There was no brawl, no melee that drew attention to the situation,” Prandini said. “There was no big scene that took place.”

The thing that’s odd about this whole situation is Rago is from the Chicago area. We checked him out on Facebook and he’s clearly a Chicago Blackhawks fan, which would lead us to believe he’s also a Chicago Bears fan.

So, why slap Hester, who scored two touchdowns on Sunday, in the back of the head?

Unless he’s a transplanted Minnesota Vikings fan, which would make his douchey behavior expected, there are only a certain number of reasons Rago would have slapped Hester in the head and walked away.

1. Hester ruined his parlay.

2. Threw a 7 on the craps table while Rago had $425 on 6 and 8.

3. Slept with his wife (not probable by the look of her).

4. Split face cards at the blackjack table from 3rd base.

5. Called his tell at the poker table.

6. Hester slow rolled him.

Whatever the hell it was, we may never know. Rago gave no explanation to police when he was arrested. Of course we’ll be monitoring his Facebook page.

[Police: Bears’ Hester slapped at Rivers Casino]