Zach Greinke’s Wife, Emily, Angry Over NLCS Seats In St. Louis [TWEETS]

For those of you who haven’t been following Zach Greinke’s wife, Emily, on Twitter you’ve been missing out on all the fun. She’s a former pageant chick. Used to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys and married a Cy Young Award winner. Her bank account has seven zeros. She’s hot. Her husband is a complete dork. And she’s tired of the horrible seats the St. Louis Cardinals gave Milwaukee Brewers’ WAGs during the NLCS.

According to Emily Greinke, this means WAR! This tweet went out Saturday.

Thanks Cards for the lovely seats in the outfield! I hope our behind home plate seats for you mysteriously disappear!

Oh, yes she did. Um, Ems, you do know that this will go viral and you’ll probably get destroyed as a selfish, spoiled WAG. She only has 390 followers so Zach’s chick probably figured only fellow WAGs would notice.

Not true. Uncle Busted Coverage has his eyes out for WAGs unleashed. There were no comments during last night’s Game 6 with the Cardinals sending Milwaukee home with a 12-6 loss. Looking at the seats, it doesn’t seem they are all that bad. Sure, the seats are amongst losers who work construction, but at least keep quiet.

Now there’s going to be a war and fellow WAGs will ultimately pay the price. Not cool, Ems.


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