Minnesota Lingerie Football Coach Tony Nguyen F-Bomb Tirade! [VIDEO]


Asian guys never get a chance to be head coaches in the NFL, but that sure isn’t the case in the Lingerie Football League where you just need a pulse, playbook and a team that needs a coach. Tony Nguyen is in charge of the Minnesota Valkyrie. They just happened to face the legendary L.A. Temptation Friday in Minneapolis. His team was leading 7-6 at half but Tony was dropping f-bombs and destroying this table.

What had him angry? Oh, his QB just had her wrist broken and his team would eventually lose 28-7.

Posted: Just got around to it this afternoon. Game was Friday night.

Premise of Video: The 1st half ended tragically as Minnesota’s QB was pummeled by a Temptation defensive end. Bad break, ladies. Literally. The franchise QB braces her fall and snaps her left wrist. Keep in mind that these ladies don’t get paid to play in the LFL. NOTHING.

Climax of Video: That table just got owned.

Conclusion: One thing you need to understand is that Asian dudes know how to create television gold. We also learned that MTV2 needs a better dump button operator. You know there’s a guy out there who’ll be upset that his 10-year-old son had to hear such foul language.

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