How Did We Produce The List?


So how did we come up with this list? Simple. Our editors came up with a massive list of over 200 athletes across every major international sport. On October 17th we searched each name in quotes with safe search off in Google. Marked down the number of results and wham the list was produced.

51    Brock Lesnar    8,170,000 results
52    Arnold Palmer    8,150,000 results
53    Sidney Crosby    7,880,000 results
54    Yao Ming    7,750,000 results
55    Steve Nash    7,740,000 results
56    Dan Marino    7,510,000 results
57    Cam Newton    7,360,000 results
58    Jimmie Johnson    7,310,000 results
59    Kevin Garnett    7,270,000 results
60    Magic Johnson    7,270,000 results

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