Donovan McNabb Spent Friday Night Watching Lingerie Football [VIDEO]

Just getting around to watching the DVR of Friday night’s Minnesota vs. L.A. Lingerie Football League game. Imagine our surprise when, during the 2nd quarter, Sean Salisbury gushed over his homeboy Donovan McNabb sitting in the front row for the team’s home opener. What? McNabb? At a LFL game? And with his homeboys?

Shouldn’t he be at home surfing for his bye week vacation?

Posted: Just got around to it

Premise of Video: We checked, Salisbury has defended McNabb for a few years. They go way back so it’s no surprise that Sean has such high praise for the Vikings QB who is bound for retirement fairly soon.

Climax of Video: We believe this is a LFL first. McNabb is first Pro Bowler to ever attend LFL game. History books.

Conclusion: Donovan McNabb was at a LFL game on a Friday night with the Chicago Bears coming up on Sunday? Don’t be surprised when the post-game bar photos come out. We’ll be here waiting. Email us.

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