Delaware Gambler Hits 15-Team NFL Parlay For $100,000!


We know a Delaware gambler who’s going to kick back and pound some brews during Monday Night Football. Some genius finally destroyed The Man and took $100,000 from the Delaware lottery via a 15-team parlay, becoming the first human to accomplish the feat since the state introduced sports gambling in 2009. Homeboy hasn’t stepped forward to claim his prize, but we can confirm that it IS NOT Stu Feiner of late 80s, early 90s fame. crunched some numbers and reports:

HOW HARD IS IT to pick a 15-team parlay on NFL games against the spread? Well, the actual odds against hitting it are 32,000-1. The odds used for the Delaware parlay bet are 20,000-1. In actuality, it took nearly 74,000 losing bets before somebody hit it.

One player, who made his bet at Delaware Park before the Week 5 games, bet $5 on the 15-team parlay proposition. He got all 13 games correct last week. He had the Eagles and Ravens yesterday. Both won and covered. That $5 bet will become $100,000 when the bettor cashes his ticket.

We’re still trying to figure out if the 22-team parlay hit at an off-shore gambling site a couple weeks ago is legit.

Let this be a warning to Vegas, Delaware, Bodog, etc. We’re coming to bankrupt you on giant parlay at a time. Delaware will lose so much money it’ll have to sell its sandy beaches to Dubai.

Um, exactly how does a guy hit 15 NFL spreads on one ticket? Dude is evidently the new Stu Feiner. Oh, how we miss Stu and his cohorts on Saturday and Sunday mornings on the USA Network. Those were the days.

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