Chip Kelly Would Like You Morons To Shut Up [VIDEO]

Most of you never saw this because it happened at like 2 a.m. EST after the Oregon Ducks beat Arizona State. Chipster meets Erin Andrews for the obligatory post-game comments to ESPN. The students, legally allowed on the Autzen Stadium field after games, decided to get a little too roudy while Big Balls Kelly tried to speak with Pageviews. He’d been up for like 21 hours and decided that there had been enough screaming for one day.


Posted: Sunday morning

Premise of Video: Pageviews comes in for the late-night Q&A. Blah, blah, blah. By the way, not digging the baseball hat look. Let the hair get soaked. Shower scene.

Climax of Video: SHUT UP!

Conclusion: Somebody needs a nap. Easy, Chipper. You want these guys to be loud and obnoxious. Hard to turn that off when a women they’ve seen naked is standing within an arm’s length.

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