Kirk Herbstreit Asks Desmond Howard: “You Like Beavers Or Cougars?”


What can we say about the ESPN GameDay discussion today about Beavers and Cougars. Oregon State faces BYU and it resulted in an exchange for the ages between Fowler, Corso, Herbstreit and Desmond. The question from Herbstreit to Desmond was simple: “You like Beavers or Cougars?” Fowler nearly doubles over. It flies right over Corso’s head and Desmond maintains his professionalism.

Look, boys, it’s possible to like both.

Posted: By us a few seconds after it happened.

Premise of Video: Beavers or Cougars: Who you like?

Climax of Video: Herbstreit pouring on the innuendo.

Conclusion: At least a three-day Internet run for the this one. Things will be kinda quiet this afternoon but then pickup steam on Sunday. Monday it gets pulled when ESPN finally figures out their GameDay bros were talking about poon.


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