WAG Melissa Satta Vs. Thais Wiggers Souza Boxing Match [PHOTOS]


Imagine our excitement last night when perusing our normal honey holes for photo galleries and a Melissa Satta (brunette) gallery smacked us in the left ribcage. Knocked the wind out. Boom. Satta, busting loose. But what’s this we find? Some new chick hanging with the World’s Hottest WAG. We’d never heard of Thais Wiggers Souza. Come to find out, these two are like good friends over in Italy. Who’s up for a bra and tight pants boxing match on a Friday? 

Of course our fascination with Satta is well documented. Part of that fascination is that she’s American, living in Italy and is like the Kate Upton of that country. She comes back to the U.S. and becomes an instant hero. Probably dates the Chicago Bulls front court during the lockout.

But instead, she’s hanging with Wiggers Souza. Great name, by the way. The two came together for the Striscia la Notizia – October 2011 shoot. We assume that translates to “These two are about to make out after nine rounds.”

Anyway, it’s Friday and you’re just jerking around at work anyway. How about clicking through 81 photos. Have at it, chief.

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