SHOCKER! Dallas Cowboys & Ohio State Using Sweatshop Labor? [i-Team]


As one observer noted after learning of a report claiming the Dallas Cowboys are using sweatshop labor in El Salvador to make toddler creepers: “Wear America’s Team Clothing Made in El Salvador” … Now that is a marketing slogan. That’s cool and all, but we’re more interested in how the workers are treated, specifically the language used to make the workers give 110% effort. “You’re a piece of garbage.  You don’t know how to work and you’re good for nothing.”

The Dallas Observer this morning put us on a report from the Global Labor Rights group who says it has been investigating a specific factory in El Salvador where multiple NFL teams and universities have products made using their names and logos.

The Cowboys say the report, which claims the team is using the factory to make its Silver Star products, is complete garbage. You can read the full report for yourself. We don’t have time for 5,000 word reports. Let’s get to the good stuff.

El Salvador Sweatshop Highlights:

• Workers make 10¢ per $15 Dallas Cowboys & Ohio State creeper.

• Mandatory all-night 19-to-25-hour shifts when NFL/NCAA garments must be shipped to the U.S.

• Constant verbal abuse: “You are like sh#t,” the workers are told.

• Many, many, many NCAA university creepers made at this factory.


Base Wage

78 cents an hour

$6.24 a day (8 hours)

$34.32 a week (44 hours)

$148.72 a month

$1,784.64 a year

With the Attendance Bonus

(if a worker does not arrive late or miss a day)

99 cents an hour

$7.94 a day (8 hours)

$43.68 a week (44 hours)

$189.28 a month

$2,271.34 a year

* Overtime is paid at premium rate of $1.54 per hour.

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