Ryan Leaf’s Book Tour Includes This Killer RV Wrap [PHOTO]


There’s been a slight buzz in the college football world about Ryan Leaf coming out of the woodwork via the release of 596 Switch, a book that will be released tomorrow by the epic NFL bust that chronicles his years at Washington State. Ironically, Leaf is making it Ryan Leaf Weekend in Pullman while Suck For Luck Chairman of the Board, Andrew Luck rolls in with Stanford. Yes, that RV will be going wherever Ryan Leaf peddles this book.

According to Washington State U. press officials:

In his book, “596 Switch,” Leaf shares his behind-the-scenes journey at WSU, from his earliest days on campus to the characters of that era, cumulating with the controversial end of the Rose Bowl match-up against Michigan.

The book promises to offer some ‘behind-the-scene’ surprises, along with Leaf’s ‘insider’s perspective’ of college football in the late 1990s, addressing issues ranging from recruiting to “pay for college players.”

Don’t let us be the ones to burst a few bubbles, but is anyone really going to listen to what Ryan Leaf has to say about recruiting and pay for play? Dude lives in Great Falls, Montana and works in business development for a travel company.

Leaf would have been better served unloading his epic tales of getting wasted at WSU and throw in a couple football stories. That moves books. Don’t play the card that’s going to get you a couple guest appearances on 750 The Game.

Let’s take a look back at what was written in Sports Illustrated on April 13, 1998 by Peter King.

When Washington state quarterback Ryan Leaf stepped onto the scale at the NFL scouting combine in early February, the digital readout was 261. He stepped off in disbelief, then stepped on again. The number was still 261, about 20 pounds over Leaf’s playing weight. “I can’t believe it,” he muttered, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, you might remember our research into Ryan Leaf’s life over the past 5 years. It wasn’t pretty. The guy is making one last gasp at cleaning up his image. And it’s sad.

(On an even sadder note, Leaf told a TV station this week that he has a benign brain tumor.)

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