Ladies, Barry Alvarez Has Had Enough Of The Eat S*&^ & F#$K You Chants


Oh, there are big problems at the University of Wisconsin not pertaining to getting drunk and smoking weed on the campus. Barry Alvarez and Bret Bielema have had it with your obscene chants during nationally televised football games. Want to get a bad reputation and not be selected for the BCS Championship after going undefeated because Oklahoma is undefeated and Alabama has one loss? Keep it up. F-bombs and “Eat S*&^” are hereby banned. 

In a letter that is totally legit because it’s being hosted on university servers, the A.D. and Bielema decided to make it known your speech at Wisky football games isn’t free.

Disgruntled old people wrote to Barry about the disgusting nature that bled through his ABC feed.

“This past Saturday, my son and I attended our first Badger game at Camp Randall. All in all, it was great fun; however, one thing surprised and disturbed me. During the course of the game, the student body was led in a very obscene cheer consisting of echoing “Eat s—” and “F—-you”. I was pretty appalled considering that not all the spectators were 18 years or older. It was not the sort of thing children should be hearing.”

“I recorded the game at home. You can hear the students chant “You f***ed up” when another player commits a penalty. I can’t imagine that’s the image we want for UW.”

“The vulgar profanity the students chant back and forth to one another for amusement inside the stadium during the game is simply pathetic.  I expected much more from the Wisconsin program.”

Oh, go ef yourself, old man. This is Wisconsin where smoking a joint in front of a cop is a total LOL. Just for challenging their youth you’ll probably get worse during the next ABC game against Ohio State.

Think Wisky hates Nebraska? Wait until the Buckeyes come to town with a losing record. Better get the earmuffs ready.

[Letter to students – UW]

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