Disgusting MMA Injuries Update: Dominick Cruz [Photos]

We’re not taking anything away from MMA fighters — they’re tough dudes, but we honestly don’t pay any attention to that stuff.

If we wanted to see two dudes beat the shit out of each other, we’d go back to college and enter a bar where frat guys hang out.

However, we always take note when we see a gruesome injury because, well, it’s like a train wreck. How can you look away?

The latest gruesome injury has come to us from Dominick Cruz, UFC bantamweight champ, who broke his hand while battling Demetrious Johnson earlier this month.

Frankly, things got messed up. Cruz had this to say on Twitter.

My hands all dressed up n ready 4 halloween! 1st day post surgery …now im getting better everyday!

Regardless of whether we dig UFC or not, we can say this — Cruz is a tough SOB and we salute him for that. Hell, we’re just a bunch of computer jockeys who pull a ton of broads. We’d never be able to take an injury like that.


For your pleasure, or the masochist in you, here’s a fine gallery of the most disgusting UFC injuries we’ve seen.