Colton’s Decision To Not Chalk Up Ends In Gymnastics Disaster [VIDEO]

What’s up with white people over the last 15 years and their desire to embarrass their children with ridiculous first names. For black people it’s an old hat. But whitey from Rippling Brook Dr. in suburban Chicago is now game on with the embarrassments. And then we have whitey making their boys take part in gymnastics. You morons, the Olympics are worthless these days. Make them left-handed pitchers.

Anyway, here’s Colton (name we gave him) on high bar. 

Posted: Oct. 12, 2011

Premise of Video: We were just dicking around on YouTube and figured that white people disinterested in how corporate soccer has gotten are now pimping out their kids to overpaid gymnastics coaches. Looks like the sport is officially in-season.

Climax of Video: Pay attention as Colton (name we gave him) fails to keep a grip on the high bar. What comes next is a full-tuck-mat digger.

Conclusion: At least he salutes the judges. China, being the little bitches that they are, give him a 2.0. Assholes. Enjoy your new 500 Gap stores. Little bastards don’t realize we’re going to turn them into Duke University of the Far East.

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