Angela Rypien’s Message To Cowboys Fan: “F#$% Dallas” [PHOTOS]


We checked, no Dallas entry in the Lingerie Football League so Angela Rypien doesn’t have to worry about a brawl with Lone Star state chicks over this shirt she was wearing the other night during practice. Ms. Rypien is on a heater after yesterday featured her. Guess who was out in front of the Rypien/Mark Rypien story way back in April? Of course we were.

The LFL finally has a public face and she’s sorta the Ochocinco of the league. It’s great.

Could Angela get overexposed and get annoying? Sure, but all leagues need a pacesetter. Just happens that this chick is in Seattle and her dad has a Super Bowl ring. Is “F#$% Dallas” what Rypien’s PR team wants on the Internet? Probably not. Too late now.

LFL Tonight: Minnesota vs. Los Angeles | 10 p.m. EST | MTV2 | Line: L.A. -13.5

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