2011 Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Retreat Featuring Mascot & Bikinis [PHOTOS]


Kudos to the Oregon Ducks cheerleading unit. Yes, we’ve said that over and over again. While other cheerleading units like the Song Girls, the crazy Indianapolis Colts‘ cheerleaders, the Jets Flight Crew and others are embargoing their galleries, UO is headed in the opposite direction. Last year the ladies went on a lake retreat. That became an instant BC greatest hit. For 2011 the bar was raised.

How about the Oregon Duck mascot & 140 HP hauling ladies around on a boat?

Should we identify these ladies for you so you can stalk them? No way. We’ve met some of you morons and the last thing these ladies need on the march to the Rose Bowl is one of you losers direct messaging like a bath salt fiend fighting demons.

So trust us on this one. You’re looking at the 2011 Ducks cheerleading squad. A few of the ladies can be seen here in their Nike Pro Combat unis.

Take note, loser NCAA cheerleading units. Of course the school won’t let you shoot a bikini calendar. But you can get your team together for a lake weekend and shoot some gonzo stuff. Throw the mascot on the boat. Have the ladies sprawled across the back. Get a decent photographer.

Boom. Calendar.

[Oregon Cheerleaders – GoDucks.com]

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