Tebow Talk Makes Denver Sportscaster Slap Coworker’s Ass [VIDEO]

HYSTERIA! TEBOW! HIM! JESUS! BOOM! HYSTERIA! PANTY DROPPING! JERSEY SALES! NEWS! TEBOW! MANIA! ASS SLAPPING! BROS BEFORE HOES! I’M STRAIGHT BUT GAY FOR TEBOW! I NAMED MY SON TEBOW! Holy Christ, people. Contain yourself. Don’t be like the Denver CBS affiliate and make asses out of yourself because it’s going to end up on the Internet. And we’re so going to LOL at you.

The boys at CBS are kinda required right now to go balls to the walls with the Tebow coverage since the mother land carries AFC football. But this is a little much, eh ass slapper?


Posted: Oct. 12, 2011

Premise of Video: Well, Denver is all Tebow at this point. That even means these two bros showing off their ‘bend over and snap the balls into my hands’ method. I’m sure they’re both straight. It just seems gay and all when this ends up on YouTube. Probably just taken out of context.

Climax of Video: Homeboy just slaps that ass like he owns it.

Conclusion: One of you inside that CBS affiliate has some straight up crazy stories you want to share. Try us. [email protected]

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