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60 Halloween Football Jersey Bodypaint Blowout Photos

There isn’t a sluttier holiday than Halloween for women who’ll go all year just waiting for that one night to slut it up just so they have something cool to post on Facebook. Being that we’re a sports-themed site, it’s our job to show ladies that there are even more options to raise your game in 2011. Bodypaint is the new black. Are you single? You won’t be after going as Calvin Johnson jersey chick to some Detroit bar. Are you a single lesbian? You won’t be after going as Romo. 

For years its has been the slutty referee costume that’s been a go-to for ‘Heather’ because it’s easy, she has it in the drawer and Tony had his way with her in the car on the ride home from the party at Club Envy.

But, ladies, raise your game. Go out on a limb. Paint the rack. It’s the 2010s.

[Bodypaint – How To – YouTube]  [Buy Liquid Latex]

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