Kenyon Martin Hopes Twitter Haters Get AIDS, Deep Sixes Account

No one ever accused Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin of being the brightest guy.

In fact, some might even say he’s a dumb thug.

Well, his ignorance played out for everyone to see on Twitter this week and culminated with this missive.

All Haters should catch full blown Aids and Die! Do the world a favor!and rid us of you all!


Apparently, Martin got in a flame war with some fans after ragging on the Eagles for overpaying for underproducing talent. Well, a few people pointed out Martin is overpaid. That led to Martin going off on several people and ended with the AIDs comment and him deleting his account.

Here are the comments in question.

Before Martin deleted his account, he denied writing the final comment.

This is Kenyon folks I didn’t write that about the aids! I can say some sh– but I’m not that f–ing crazy

I feel like we’ve heard that one before.