High School Football Streaker Destroyed By Police, Fence [VIDEO]


Football streaker videos are a dime a dozen these days as high school dorks think of ways to make themselves famous on YouTube, Facebook, the local ABC affiliate, etc. So it comes as no shock to us that this dude is hauling ass across a football field in a recently uploaded video. There are two major parts to this flick. Obviously the cop shoving naked dude into a fence is part one.

But then we also noticed the crowd’s reaction, or lack thereof.

Posted: Oct. 10, 2011

Premise of Video: Yes, there is a streaker at a football game. Been there, done that post before. But notice the surroundings. Notice the people in the stands. A naked guy was just screaming across a field. That usually results in gasps, people standing on their feet and wondering why cops just slammed a kid into a fence.

Climax of Video: The lack of a crowd reaction. It’s stunning.

Conclusion: We’re efforting where this took place, but something tells us it’s happened before. How else can someone explain how that entire section of fans doesn’t even stand up to figure out the commotion. Simply amazing stuff in the world of football streaking.

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