Aaron Rodgers LOLs Over Tebow ESPN QBR Debacle!

The blogs that dork out on all things ‘football’ have been gagging over the news that Tim Tebow ended Week 5 with a better Total QBR ranking than Aaron Rodgers in ESPN’s index. It’s just the kind of emotional reaction ESPN was hoping you morons would give them. Thanks for justifying some stupid QB rating system. Today we learn that even Aaron Rodgers thinks these rankings are horse#$%. “I played a full game,” Rodgers tells ESPN 540. 

A blog, ESPN owned we’ll have you know, got these explanations for the disaster from the ESPN stats gurus.

Some bullet points for those interested:

  • QBR is a per-play evaluation, so it evaluates what Rodgers did on 47 “action plays.” Tebow had 16 “action plays.” It’s a little bit like comparing a pinch hitter in baseball to someone who played nine innings. QBR is explained as a measure of efficiency at any given moment, not necessarily over the same time period.
  • QBR evaluates a wider spectrum of quarterback play than completions and yards, including sacks, scrambles and passing yards after the catch.
  • Tebow scrambled six times for 38 yards and a touchdown, giving him considerable credit. Rodgers’ only “carry” was a one-yard kneel-down to end the game.
  • Rodgers took four sacks. Tebow did not have a play that resulted in negative yardage. Quarterbacks are given a share of blame for sacks.
  • Almost half of Rodgers’ passing total, 197 of 396, was judged to come after the catch, for which quarterbacks receive less credit.
  • QBR weighs a quarterback’s performance relative to the game situation. Here’s how Bennett described the difference between how QBR viewed Tebow’s clutch performance and how it viewed Rodgers’: “Rodgers performed about the same as Tebow in bringing his team back from a 14-0 deficit (QBR of 83.6 from start of 2nd qtr). However, unlike Tebow, Rodgers was on the field when he team went into as 14-0 hole. Since those plays count towards his overall [performance], his QBR was 82 for the game.”

Seriously, if you just read all of that, shame on you. SHAME.

We’ll just be over here crushing fantasy football and the casinos with Aaron Rodgers. Thanks, ESPN.

[Explaining the Rodgers-Tebow QBR caper]

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