Texas Rangers Nose Picker Is Liz Zelazny [VIDEO & Tweets]

There is now a name to report from Saturday night’s Texas Rangers nose picking incident. By now many of you are aware that a hooded cute chick was caught digging for oil. Her name – Liz Zelazny. She actually outed herself yesterday to Texas broadcaster Gordon Keith. That resulted in a radio show appearance and a sudden Twitter surge to 109 followers. We’ve located that account & can report that Liz is a good sport when it comes to making fun of nose pickers.

Here is the tweet that broke the case wide open.

@gordonkeith I’m a P1 and the unfortunate girl who got caught picking her nose at the Ranger game Sat night! Kill me…

Then this tweet came in just an hour ago.

Thanks for all the Twitter-love! Now back to sweet anonymity… #GoRangers

Sorry, Liz, that’s not how the Internet plays ball. You see, Gordon was nice enough to not publish your name in last night’s blog post. But we listened to the interview and started our normal Google searches. It took all of :30-seconds to find your tweets.

Gordon: “Are you nervous?”

Liz: “Slightly. I’ve been subjected to public humiliation for a day and a half.”

Liz: “I sat through two rain delays. It was about time.”

She reports it took all of 45-seconds to find out that TV cameras caught her mining act. Then, upon returning to her job, Liz was subjected to a large printout of herself ramming her thumb for gold.




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