Texas Fan Takes Digger In State Fair Football Carnival FAIL [Video]

What we have here are five Texas fans that think they’ll be cute, funny, etc. and run an offensive play at the football-through-the-hole game. This is the Texas State Fair where people go to eat like idiots and act like even bigger idiots. So it makes sense that the college dorks would try to be cool and rig the game with a guy jumping over the ledge and slamming the football through the hole. Do it, chief! JUMP! Get some air.

And then it happens. DIGGER!


Posted: Oct. 10, 2011

Premise of Video: Read above paragraph. It breaks it all down.

Climax of Video: The buildup is stupid, but the action comes at :45 mark. Hang with it. You get Brody eating Texas pavement so it’s all worth it.

Conclusion: Texas QB material.


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