Packers Season Ticket Waiting List Up To At Least 88,595

From what we can see via our Internet sources, the Green Bay Packers ticket office this week sent out notices to fans who are on the team’s season ticket waiting list. One guy (@MikeJMacco) reports that his spot at 26,210 is after joining the wait when he was 15 years old. The form is almost anti-climatic. Sorta like, ‘What are you waiting around for?’ The Packers waiting list is now officially bigger than the Sunday circulation of the city’s newspaper. At least 88, 595 are on it. 

Another guy, @Miller_Brian, can pretty much kiss his chances of those eight home game tickets ever reaching his hands. He’s in that 88,595 spot. Lambeau only seats 73,128.

While the path to tickets seems far fetched, there are people who’ll soon get the chance of a lifetime to stop getting this notice. Lambeau has been approved for expansion.

The board that oversees Lambeau Field has approved the team’s expansion plans at the Green Bay Packers’ stadium.

The field’s landlord, the Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District board, heard details of the $143 million project at a meeting Wednesday. The expansion will remove more people from the season ticket waiting list that previously stated.

The project will add nearly 7,000 seats to the stadium.

Want to join the waiting list just for fun? Fill out a form and at this time next year you’ll probably be in the 82,000 spot.

[Packers Season Tickets Waiting List]

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