NHLers With Assault Rifles: Leafs Tyler Bozak & Mike Brown [Photo]

The Toronto Maple Leafs are off to a 2-0 start, giving their long-suffering, hockey-loving fans reason for hope.

In their first two games of the season, the Leafs shut out the Montreal Canadiens and beat the Ottawa Senators in a 6-5 thriller. Center Tyler Bozak and winger Mike Brown have been part of the team’s early success. Bozak has an assist and Brown has two on the season.

So what did they do in their down time? Went and blasted some assault rifles.

Bozak posted the photo of himself and Brown holding M16s with ACOG sights on Twitter today. The ACOG is a telescopic sight designed for the M16 and used by Marines to, well… kill people.

In other words, these are some badass guns.

It remains to be seen whether the Leafs will capitalize on their fast start and become a badass team, but at least you know they won’t take any shit.

[Tyler Bozak Twitter]

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