Front Row Amy Is Toast Of Milwaukee NLCS Media Reports [PHOTOS]

BC reader Brandon sent a message this afternoon with news on how Front Row Amy (43 by our count) is blowing up with the Milwaukee media. You might remember Amy from last week on Deadspin where she her rack became the Rally Towel from Brew Crew fans. Amy’s boobs start bouncing and good things happen. Anyway, the TV dorks wanted an interview last night & of course Amy obliged. NBC 4’s Charles Benson had the celebrity beat & met Amy’s rack face to face.

Normally we’d go through the process of ripping the NBC 4 video and firing it up on YouTube but not today. You know the story. News reporter dork asks Amy about her fame, the seats, keeping score and why she’s so damn popular.

Look, homeboy, why not just come out and ask her how much for the jugs? Cut to the chase.

Chuck, who once interviewed President Obama, maintains his journalistic integrity by asking the hard-hitting questions.

“You’re becoming famous,” Chuck presses. “I know, it’s crazy,” Amy counters.

Meanwhile, it’s 10 p.m. CST and men across Milwaukee are pounding keys trying to figure out where to find the naked Amy pics. Gentlemen, relax, she’s a mother of two and has morals.

In other mainstream horny-ness, asked Amy a few questions.

OMC: Please describe the “Brewkini” and the reaction it’s received.

AW: The “Brewkini” began when I co-hosted the Usinger’s Post Game show on WSSP. Tim Allen suggested I post a bikini picture on Twitter and Facebook, so, being the good sport that I am, I did!

Good for Milwaukee. Some decent fodder to fill the news now that the Bucks are locked out and not coming back.

[NBC 4 – Front Row Amy]  [Front Row Amy Facebook]  [@BrewerGirl823]

[Front Row Amy – Deadspin]

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