Adriana Lima Is Now Supporting Scrub Husband Marko Jaric? [PHOTOS]

A few tweets over the last 24 hours included some interesting tidbits from the Euro basketball league. It has come to our attention that Marko Jaric doesn’t have a roster spot. Basketball guru @rafael_uehara writes, “European season officialy underway and haven’t seen Igor Rakocevic, Marko Jaric or Bostjan Nachbar in a squad.” Um, what? That 32 yr old scrub can’t even find a team in Turkey? This means Adriana is now a WAG Breadwinner!

Of course we saw this coming. Dude makes something like $43mm in his NBA career but starts blowing it flying between Serbia, L.A., NY & Italy. Of course you need a house in each location. BC is pretty sure the couple still owns this Beverly Hills pad. And this house in Florida. Add in whatever the gorgeous dude owns in Europe and you can see that the cash outflow will be hard to manage.

That leads us to Ms. Lima getting back into the Victoria’s Secret game. This is her new fall shoot for the online catalog. Big problem is that she’s now 30, the final frontier for a hot chick in the lingerie game.

All of this adds up to an upcoming mess for the Jaric-Lima super relationship. He took her virginity so the guess is that she’s not going anywhere. Jaric, we assume, knows how to have a few rodeos here and there on the Euro circuit. Eventually the money will dry up. Divorce is inevitable.

That’s why we’re preparing you guys. Giving you time to prepare.


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