ACC Homeboy Inching Ball Towards Wake Forest 1st Down [VIDEO]

Wake Forest held off nationally ranked Florida State 35-30 in Winston-Salem on Saturday, but it looks like they got a little help from the refs.

There weren’t necessarily blatant missed calls, there weren’t necessarily phantom penalties, but there was this — a ref clearly pushing the ball closer to the first down line after it was spotted and the chains were brought out for measurement. The Demon Deacons were still left with a fourth and inches, even after the official made it a much shorter fourth and inches, but the ball movement is obvious.

The Deacs would go for it on fourth down and pick up the first. If you’re a FSU fan, you’ll probably note the Seminoles defense stacked Wake up on the play, but they were awarded the first down anyway.

Home cooking?

Doesn’t really matter at this point. They only play the games once.


Posted: Oct. 9, 2011

Premise of Video: An official seemingly tries to give Wake Forest a first down by slowly pushing the ball forward after it’s been spotted during a measurement.

Climax of Video: The slide of the ball is subtle at first, but becomes obvious with the official’s final push.

Conclusion: Did this asshat have money on the game? More importantly, does he still have a job?

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Stephen Garcia Kicked Off South Carolina Football Team [PHOTO]
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