UPDATE: World’s Hottest Athletic WAG Ilary Blasi Shows Legs On TV [PHOTOS]

The last time we saw Ilary Blasi she was playing paddleball on the beach, looking great in a bikini and basically doing what WAGs do.

Well, Roma footballer Francesco Totti’s wife is back in action and looking hotter than ever. The model/actress/showgirl was spotted on the Italian TV show Verissimo showing off some of the best legs we’ve even seen.

It kind of makes you wonder what’s under that dress, doesn’t it?

Anyway, Verissimo is a weekly show on Italian television devoted entirely to gossip and interviews with celebs. We imagine it’s kind of like TMZ meets Entertainment Tonight, although that’s really not what’s important here.

What’s important here is Ilary Blasi and we’ve got plenty of her.

Get your drool rag ready.