The Hot Dog Golf Video NBC Doesn’t Want Internet Sharing [VIDEO]

Don’t delay watching this one until you get home from work. It’s Columbus Day and the I.T. staff isn’t really watching your Internet activity. It’s the video that NBC is totally bogarting. Try finding Tiger Woods Hot Dog Attack Video on YouTube. Impossible. That’s why we’ve coded our upload a little differently to get by the NBC sharks.

All we’re trying to do is put this in an easy format, via YouTube, so it works on our system.

Posted: Oh, a few minutes ago

Premise of Video: (Tiger) (the golfer) is attacked by a flying hot (meat missile) during a round (at some golf) tourney. (Meat missile’s) bun is seen flying onto the putting green.

Climax of Video: Dude pusses out and doesn’t put up a fight with puss golf security. At least rip off some clothing.

Conclusion: What happened to that hot dog? It hits eBay and BC is going balls to the walls. Like dropping at least $5k on that 10-cent piece of floor scraps.

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