Georgia Fan’s Now Accepting ‘Volunteers’ Shirt Wins UT-UGA [PHOTOS]

Saturday at Tennessee vs. Georgia was the last official trip Busted Coverage has planned this fall. There might be a last-minute, game-time decision type trip but not likely. So this was the last hurrah to a season of tailgating, debauchery and ladies in sundress/riding boot combos. What did we learn in 2011? BC keeps getting older and SEC girls stay the same age. It’s ridiculous.

What else? A ‘Now Accepting Volunteers’ shirt attracts the chicks.

We read a few pieces on how to properly engage a weekend in Knoxville, TN and most of those posts were complete garbage. Folks, let us guide you through how to properly get drunk, eat and view the ladies in one of America’s great college towns.

Busted’s Guide To A Man Football Weekend In Knoxville

• Snag a hotel in downtown Knoxville. Hilton, Holiday Inn & Hampton get the job done.

• (Alternate choice of housing – rent a houseboat on Tennessee River)

• On Friday, if you’re over 26 and don’t want to deal with college idiots, visit Market Square or Old City.

• Old City will be a little more seedy than Market Square. It’s where you’ll find degenerates drinking out of the back of their pickup truck. Don’t be freaked out. The dirtbags are harmless. It’s also where you’re most likely to end up in a bar fight. The chicks in these bars seem easy and don’t mind a cheap Bud Light.

• Market Square is much more trendy, NY-esque dining spots with shiny graphics and one-word names.

• Take good walking shoes. Knoxville will kick your ass.

• On Saturday, get your ass down to the Tennessee River. Walk the houseboat docks. Start a conversation. End up getting hammered in one of the most bucolic spots in the South.

• The Calhoun’s (famous BBQ joint on TN River) area is where you’re most likely to see out-of-town sundresses. Get there early to secure a tailgating spot with a swing overlooking the river.

• As for stadium liquor, fill up your pants. No touching from security, if you want to call it security. Flasks, bottles, etc. were everywhere. This is, as we mentioned, Tennessee. Even a moonshine banner was seen flying over Neyland.

• Get there early enough to watch the team run through the ‘T’.

• Hopefully you wore good shoes. The walk back to downtown is about to kick your ass.


If only Tennessee was good again this town would be a top-5 college football destination for sure. It’s West Virginia’s drinking issues, but with a Southern friendly nature. The ladies will destroy a group of single men. They’re chatty and seem to love the mysterious, out-of-towners just visiting to see a football game. Next time we visit a houseboat for three nights will be involved. One that has a stripper pole and space for at least 35 sundress-wearing Southern ladies. No doubt about it.

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