Erin Andrews & Sooners Fan Embroiled In Twitter WAR! [Tweets]

Busted Coverage has been to three ESPN GameDay live shows this season. And we’ve been behind the gates for all three. Yes, we’ve touched Erin Andrews. Shirt on shirt contact. Photos have been taken. There has been chitchat exchanged. In other words, she likes us. We’re not idiots like Boomer Sooner fan at this weekend’s Red River Shootout (yes, it was straight up murder).

Toolbag @ryandavidreaves & EA went at it yesterday over an incident in Dallas.

Do we blame Pageviews for ignoring dorkwad fans who are annoying, too shouty and generally just drunk morons? Absolutely not. See, the proper way to get a photo with your childhood crush is to be sober, not smell like you slept in a tub filled with Natty Light and your mouth isn’t full of stupidity.

Something tells us @ryandavidreaves is a dick because, well, he comes off as a total dick on Twitter.

Dude, you just want a photo? Let us tell you how it all went down when we were lucky enough to get shirt-on-shirt action.

First, know when Pageviews is in photo mode. There is work mode, ‘I’m not in the mood for smiling for your stupid Facebook photo’ mode and then there is photo mode. Learn it. Next, learn how to be a gentleman. A simple, “Erin, would you mind a photo?” actually works.

She’ll then say, “Do you have a camera ready?” To which you say, “Yes.”

Small talk ensues. Your boy snaps a photo and she knows you’ll be uploading it to Facebook via the iPhone app.

BC went 3-for-3 in getting pics with Pageviews. Learn our method. It works.


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